Working Protocols

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Working Protocols

  • Customer Needs
  • Solution Develoment
  • Solution Proposal
  • Field Application

01 – Customer Needs 

Sign NDA

The client and Smart Fluid will sign NDA to assure that all the shared technical information are kept confidential and only used for the purpose of develop customized solutions.


The client must express in writing the needs and issues they have in the production system.


To develop the most suitable product to bring the solution to the client needs, it is required complete the “Information Requirement Format”.

  • Flow diagram of process to study.
  • Applied additives and injection points.
  • Operational conditions.

Crude sample

Select sampling point of fluids to study, contaminants, and current applied chemicals.

  • SARA of oil and physicochemical parameter of water.
  • Operational parameter during sampling.

Main Needs

Identification of needs and optimization options of customer processes

  • High viscosity of the transported oil
  • Organic and inorganic material precipitation
  • High pressures in the production system
  • Low volumetric efficiency of pumps and production high cost
  • High electric energy consumption


02 – Solution Development


Sample reception of oil and water at laboratory establish by Smart Fluid to develop test according to the sample needs.


Design and  performance of laboratory tests to develop oil and water treatment solutions and to optimize the installed process.


Carry out research tests needed to develop a new product that solves the need set out.


If the client require it, the results will be validated at certified laboratory before start field test.

Laboratory Protocol

  • Basic oil (API, BSW) and water (pH, Salinity) produced characterization.
  • Carry out laboratory tests to design and select Smart Fluid additive according to the physicochemical properties of fluids to treat at conditions that allow to simulate field operation.
  • Select the best Smart Fluid additive for the fluid to treat according to the results obtained at laboratory.
  • Evaluate selected additive behavior at different mass concentrations simulating operational and environmental conditions.


03 – Solution Proposal

  • Evaluation and analysis of laboratory tests results between fluid samples and customer needs.
  • Technical and Commercial proposal to apply the developed solution.
  • Solution proposal and evaluation of operational, environmental and logistic requirements to field application phase.

Technical proposal - Commercial

  • Smart Fluid will carry out conceptual designs to different alternatives of solution applications at field.
  • Both the customer and Smart Fluid are going to set parameters that determine the field test success (KPI’s). The commercial offer will include the estimate cost of the field test. 
  • It is established the quantity of product to be manufactured for carrying out the field test.
  • If the field test is successful (achieving KPI’s settled), the customer approves to carry out a contract agreement of Smart Fluid services, through the corresponding contract.


04 – Field Application


Planning of the field agenda.


Smart Fluid must have access to the field to coordinate the test. At the end, both Smart Fluid and the customer will present a report of the field test.  


Ensure with the field operator the information flow of established operational parameters for the agreed facility. (Monitoring control and Surveillance)


Smart Fluid will carry out constant technical support during the application of our solutions.