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Technical and management experts: We are an interdisciplinary team of professionals with great technical and management experience in Oil & Gas industry.

Oil industry specialists:  Our team have experience in production processes, treatment, and oil transport, as well as the handle of water associated with production.

R+D: We have capacity to develop profitable solutions by applying new technologies to production and treatment of oil and associated water. Our solutions incorporate last generation surfactants and nanocomposites.

Great environmental awareness:  Professionals experienced in mitigation of  environmental effects caused by oil.

We are different:

  • Develop the accurate and specific solution to your need
  • Our additives incorporate easily into oil without affect the oil chemical properties and without losing additive effectiveness during the process. 
  • Our Fluidifiers reduce significantly the use of diluents.
  • Compatible products with oil and other treatment fluids.
  • Our emulsion breakers works minimizing dehydration time.
  • In case of spills, we clean and recovery water and oil.


Our factories are located in Spain and Colombia.

In Colombia we have stock of our product bases to attend the projects of our customers