Application on Heavy Oil Production with ALS – ESP2

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Main Needs Identified

  • High viscosity of produced fluids and low volumetric efficiency of ESP.
  • High pressures in the production system.
  • High electric consumption associated with overpressured production system.
  • Fluids Compatibility and Organic material precipitation.

Solution Development at Laboratory

It was designed the need SF – FL product according to the properties of WHA3 sample.

Basic Characterization WHA3
°API @60°F14.3
BS&W [% v/v]48
Viscosity [cSt]1347.7 @176°F

Results –  Heavy Oil ALS – ESP2

  • Oil mobility improvements and reductions on pressures in the production system.
  • The viscosity is reduced from 9795 cSt to 903 cSt with a percentage of reduction of 91%  @ 122°F.
  • It was evaluated by the application of nanocomposites. However, it was obtained the best results with Smart Fluid technologies.
  • The application of the additive does not represent incompatibilities with the evaluated oil.